Sunday, November 25, 2007

San Diego or bust!

This little jerky stand is in the middle of no where, but man they have the best jerky I have ever tasted.

You thought I was joking, nothing in either direction for miles and miles.

This was one of the rest stops along the way, they had a little farm behind the gas station.

Old house in Bridgeport.

Sloan petting one of the goats at the rest stop.

Zoe wasn't so sure.

At the first stop outside of Mammoth, we stopped and ate lunch. While I fed Aris Dean played with the girls.

The mountains looked even prettier in person.

Tiny town we drove through. They had a K-mart and a JCPenny's. It was the tiny town of Bishop.
Hotel in Bridgeport.

My little sardines! All packed up for the long trip.

Carson City
What Dean wishes he was really doing!

Well it was a lovely trip. here are our pictures from the trip down. They are a little out of order. For some reason the camera put them out of order when I loaded them into the computer. I will be putting more on the blog a little later.