Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Afternoon

Pardon my feet, but this is one of the girls favorite things to do. 

I know one day sooner than later, they will be too big to do this anymore. So I don't mind.

I asked her more than once not to do this. Can you blame her? She really wants to see out that window. Let's face it...she's almost two & such my little shrink-a-dink. So I guess I'll let it pass.

A little outdoor time with bare feet. She was mad because she couldn't get the rocks out of the cup. So she sat down and had a little pout. Pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.

Dean & the two little ones worked in our future garden tonight. Digging rocks up, turning soil and moving debris out of the way. I think it tired him out. He fell right to sleep after dinner was over. The girls are in bed. I am trying to bake bread. We shall see if it turns out. I have my paints out and I am trying to finish up the bird family painting. I am typing this while a part of it dries. I think all this fresh air is making me feel a little restless. I have mixed feelings about restlessness. On one hand it makes me feel a little anxious. On the other, I often turn that anxiousness into positive action. I am hoping that's what happens here. I think I feel a real need lately to get back to simple. Simple. Simple. Simple. I feel a real need to focus more on my family, friendships and what matters most to me. I have been thinking a lot about that lately also. What matters most to me. Praying for strength to be all that I need to be & all that I hope to be. I sometimes feel that I miss the mark. I'm going to keep trying though. Because all those things that matter the most are worth it. Time to get back to painting & check on that bread. I'll save you a piece (unless it's terrible!)

It all Started With a Story.....

It all started with a story and ended with Zoe saying, "Sloan you're the greatest sister ever". It's true, she really is.