Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Her hands look like mine.

I put the girls down for a nap the other day & got a few things finished up before I took a quick snooze. Zoe always takes a nap in our room & Aris has started to also. It's fun for them, like a giant slumber party in our bedroom. As I lay down beside my little Zoe I looked at her sweet sleeping face. I just stared at her for a few moments and watched her breath. I marveled at how quickly she is growing and tried to figure out who she looks like the most. Then I looked at her hand & realized I do the same exact thing with my hand. Her sweet little meaty hands balled into a fist while she sleeps. Oh how I love those little hands. How I love my little girl.

Somebunny Won!

It was me!

How adorable is that bunny? Very! I have been following Swirly Designs Blog for quite awhile now & I adore their innocent & whimsical designs. You can find their blog ::here::
Swirly designs is made up of the husband and wife team Lianne & Paul Stoddard. The couple met while attending art school. Each of their ornaments is sculpted & painted by hand. I love the fact that they are not only talented artists but have two cute little children too. It inspires me to know that not only do they run a successful art business but they are parents as well. It inspires me to keep on working at all the art goals I have.
Thank you so much Lianne & Paul! I can't wait to display your beautiful ornament in our home for many springs to come.