Sunday, January 20, 2008

Church and a much needed nap

Sloan's mixed media piece. She used scrapbook paper to make the tree and painted the rest of the paper. All the lines on the tree she drew with a ruler and pen.

Little Zoe watching Blue's Clue's. Shes kind of obsessed with the show.

Zoe rocking the punk rock tights!



Well folks, I actually got to take a nap today. After the girls and I got home from church we all had a nice little lunch and I took a nap. By the way did I mention that I came home to all the laundry folded, our bed made, kitchen cleaned, and kids toys picked up? I told Dean that there is nothing sexier than a man who does the dishes. I really mean that. My sweetheart thought I could use a pick me up and this was a wonderful surprise.

Tonight Sloan and I went and picked up the much anticipated last Christmas gift, from Bumma and Pop Pop (my mom and dad). By the time we got it home and had some popcorn and opened the box it was already 9pm. It was way past bedtime for both the girls. They were both so excited about the new kitchen. Sloan understood the concept of playing with the new kitchen tomorrow, Zoe not so much. She cried until Dean finished putting it together and brought it into their room. I am sure tomorrow will be filled with many "pretend" meals and lots of fun.

Before I sign out I would just like to let everyone know I have added even more links. These are fun sites to visit, you never know what you may find. I used the last of my eBay gift card from Cindy today. I won this awesome handmade Alice in Wonderland Doll. Shes not to play with, more of a sculpture. I plan on eventually putting her in the girls room on their bookshelf with the other characters they have from various children's books. You can actually see the doll in progress on the artists blog. Their blog is under Cordwood cabin Primitives.

A super fun day

Abby spent the night last night, and the girls had a blast. I even took them to McDonald's for some ice cream and play zone fun. Of coarse the girls were up super early this morning and ready to go again. Zoe is not taking very good naps these days and Aris is not sleeping well during the day either. Aris is still waking up all night long. I wake up with her and then I can't fall back to sleep. That is one reason I am up writing an entry at this crazy time of the day. I have tried to go back to sleep but my mind is racing with a thousand thoughts of things I need to do, projects I haven't finished, and things I would like to do. Oh and did I mention Dean, bless his heart, snores? So its hard for me to fall back to sleep. I really believe this is the reason I have been such a grump this week. I am nothing less than sleep deprived. Hopefully tomorrow The kids and I can get back on normal sleeping schedules again.
Oh yea, the whole super fun day. Well that it was. After Abby went home Dean and I took the girls out for some family fun. First we went to an RV show. I know it sounds sort of red neckish but it is actually fun to look at all the models. Sloan and Zoe love to see all the "little houses". They had a blast running from RV to RV. Sloan's favorites were the ones with bunks and a place you could put a TV for just the kids to watch. Than we went to Recycled Records and I traded in some Cd's I just don't listen to anymore and got store credit to go back and buy some music I actually listen to. After that we took the girls to TGIFridays for dinner. It was very yummy, however halfway through the meal, due to hardly any nap today, Zoe had a small meltdown. So instead of taking the girls to the book store afterward we headed home. It is always fun to do things together. I can't wait for our next family day.