Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Times

Aris April 2011 taken with the camera I borrowed to shoot this weekends wedding. Makes me wish I had a Cannon :(

There are a couple of fun things happening this weekend. I will be shooting my first wedding! I'm so nervous & extremely excited! Only nervous because it's such a special day, what if none of the pictures turn out, eeeeeeaaaaakkkkkkk! I'm sure I will do fine but please send some positive photo vibes my way, lol!

I'm really excited that Dean & I get to go to the annual JDRF Gala. It's an event that is near & dear to my heart. All the money that is raised goes to funding research to find a cure for diabetes. They are so close to finding a cure. I'm so positive that it will happen in Sloan's lifetime. I pray that they will. This has become a tradition for us. It's our one chance to get all fancied up for a night of wonderful food, schmoozing with the Joneses, & basically getting out for a night without the kids. I could care less about rubbing shoulders with fancy folk but I'm super excited to spend an evening with my sexy husband. Dinner seats start at $250 a plate so you can imagine what a treat this is for us. We get to go for free because I donate artwork for it every year. I'd do it no matter but it is a fun little treat.

Last but not least is I'm super happy about being able to sew this weekend. By Monday I should have quite a few finishes to share with you. Hope you all have an amazing weekend!