Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Slowing Down

 First day of Spring 2011. Seriously?

Melted snow 

Signs of spring 

Water on grass in my backyard

We are back in business folks! Computer wise that is. After a few months of Internet problems & a computer that kept shutting off intermittently we decided it would be best to take our Mac in before our warranty ends. Good thing too (more on that later). Before we took it in we even had the Charter man out here over a dozen times trying to fix our Internet. I'm not kidding. The little ones were waking up in the morning asking if they were going to get to see Dan that day. Poor Dan, he rewired our house from the crawlspace to the power poll & things still weren't working properly. Our dear friends backed up our computer for us (thankfully) & dropped it off to be fixed. After 2 weeks & no word on how the computer was coming along I decided to call. The guy was like, "Looks like it's a software problem & we are working on updating it." Really? Software problem? So I asked if software problems would be causing the Internet to shutdown, discoloration on our computer screen, ghosting (where the image stays even when it's no longer there), & a couple of other things. He said they should probably take another look. Good thing they did. They basically replaced most of the inside of the computer including the hard drive. If we didn't have the warranty it would have cost us almost $800 in repairs. So grateful we had it. Everything is working so perfectly now.

To say I didn't miss having the computer would be a total lie. I will admit the first 3 days I found myself walking over to the computer desk. Really! I was like a druggie looking for his fix. Then came the withdraws. The 2 days of sulking. Poor me, lol! Then something magical happened. Silence. A chance to listen to life, children, my imagination. A chance to slow down. I hadn't even realized that my life had been so sucked into this modern contraption. Where had I gone wrong? Why had I allowed this to happen? The best wake up call I have had in years. I got so much work done, spent time with my girls, worked out, organized the kitchen, sketched, wrote out goals, & enjoyed the quiet. Enjoying the quiet is something that I usually have a hard time with. Now I crave it. So thankful I was forced into this realization. I strongly recommend this to anyone who might be struggling with too much media. It will only benefit you & your family. 

So over the next couple of days I plan on posting some fun pictures from the last couple of weeks. I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs too. I'm off to go play outside with my kids. Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!