Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Today's workout never happened. It makes me a little sad when I have rough nights with the kids. If they are up more than 3 times I just don't chance it. If Sloan wakes up low I don't get to go either. This very cold fall weather also makes it a little harder to roll out of a warm & toasty bed. Especially when I am snuggled up next to a snuggly hubby.

So what am I doing to make things easier on these cold mornings? I have started laying all my clothes, hat & gloves into a pile the night before. I have a routine of dressing in front of our space heater that I turn on first thing. I don't put ice in my water anymore for my walk. I also am not going to beat myself up over missing a walk. I have my video for days that I just don't make it. It's that time of year again & I think I have found some helpful ways to beat the frosty morning walk blues, haahaa!

I'll be weighing myself this Friday so I look forward to sharing my progress with you all next Wednesday. Thanks for all your encouraging thoughts. It has been so fun to meet new friends through Weight Loss Wednesdays. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!