Saturday, March 15, 2008

Snow and art

Daddy and Zoe cooking.

My Gymboree barrette obsession.

The girls playing before dinner.

Our blanket of snow.

Start of the new project.

It snowed today. Tonight the snow left a lovely blanket of snow on our yard. Dean feel asleep while he was putting Zoe to bed. He has been working so hard on his job and side jobs and the house. I didn't have the heart to wake him up. He slept for almost three hours and just woke up to feed the dogs, close up the garage and come in the house to go to sleep again. I have finally started on the turtle illustration. I have like 15 other ideas ready to roll after this one, thank goodness. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to just pick up and run with things again. So far so good. I have a lot to finish before the JDRF auction coming up in April. I am hoping that I can round up a ton of art for this worthy cause. Starting Monday I will be pulling out all the stops and asking all of my old buddies from art school and other talented artists from Reno if they would like to donate work for the auction. My goal this year is 30 donations. If you are reading this and know of an artist that would be interested in donating something please have them contact me and I can get them the appropriate forms.

On another note my little ones were so very grumpy today. It was an off day for all. Around 3:30 I had finally had enough and decided we needed to get out of the house. I drove us to the Sierra Summit outdoor mall. We went to Gymboree and I bought the girls some darling new barrettes. I try to justify this addiction by the fact that I have three girls, and I do put hair pretties in their hair everyday. These barrettes are used over and over more than anything else I buy for the girls. A part of me still feels a little guilty when I splurge on things like this. Just that little bit of time out of the house did us all good. When we got home Dean was fixing dinner (I would cook more but he is the better cook). We had a nice dinner together and then it was time for baths and Jammie's. All in all it has been a good day.

Aris the Amazing!

Step right up Folks! We will now watch as Aris the Amazing blows a bubble........with her nose!

Poor little thing! She is teething so badly at the moment and her nose just runs all the time. Just so you guys know, I did wipe her nose after these pictures were taken. I can't stand to see babies or small children with runny noses.


This was Sloan working oh so studiously on her art work during our special time tonight. I love the picture where she is moving and you can't see her clearly. She was very serious tonight while she was drawing. After I took the last picture she kindly asked me to put the camera away, "Mommmmmm! You are messing up my art!" OK, I can take a hint. So I put up the camera and talked to her before she went to bed.


This was Zoe hamming it up for me this morning at breakfast. She is such a little cutie.