Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sickness Shmickness


You wouldn't know from the looks of her but my normally happy girl has been so grumpy this past week. All three of the girls have. Tried to get a picture of grumpy Aris & she really wouldn't cooperate. I'm ready for these germs to go and find someone else to bother. We've mostly been watching PBS Kids in the morning, followed by a tiny lunch & a long nap. Then it's to bed early for all the girls. Even Sloan. I however am having a harder time sleeping these days. Most nights I'm up several times through the night to go potty. Sorry to share but it's the truth. When I wake up I start to obsess about all the things I need to do the next day, the unfinished list of art projects, house hunting, and last but not least my failures as a mom from the day before. Ugh! Dean snores too. So add that to the mix & it takes me a while to fall back into a deep sleep. That's okay. I should probably enjoy it while I can. Pretty soon I'll be up in the middle of the night for different reasons.

I haven't mentioned it yet but we are looking for a larger home. Our little home has been wonderful. It's just too small for us now. No really, 740 square feet can only hold so many people. We joke that if we don't find something soon the baby will be sleeping in a dresser drawer. All joking aside this process is taking a little longer than we thought. It will be totally worth it when we do get a new house & can make it our home. I'm praying that we will be guided in our decision. We really would like to find the best home for our family & one that will be a good investment also. I'll keep you posted on our home hunting journey. It is soooo very exciting ;)

Off to work on the newest card for Simply Sweet Marriage. Hope you all have had a lovely weekend!

P.S. Sharon, Zoe loves the doll you sent her. She sleeps with it always and loves to play with it. Many thanks for your thoughtful giveaway last year. It's a daily reminder of the kindness of fellow bloggers :)