Friday, January 21, 2011

B Pop Arty

Merris made these all by herself. She made necklaces pretty much all day long. Necklaces for me, for sissy, for herself. She was a necklace making fool. It's one of her favorite things to play with.

I think they are rather stylish don't you?

Santa brought Aris her B Pop Arty Beads but I hear you can find them at Target. 


I gave a little sneak peak of this project a few posts back.

 I'm happy to announce thar I finally finished my giant log cabin quilt top! Now all I have to do is buy the fabric for the back. I'm thinking I might need to add some outside strips to the top. I'm just not quite certain how I want it all to look yet. I have a couple prints bookmarked on etsy & will probably buy the fabric this weekend. I just have to map it out in my head first. Well I'm off to work on those last two illustrations for Simply Sweet Marriage. Dean should be home from work in the next hour or so & I can hardly wait to see him. Hope you are all having a great weekend.