Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hand Quilting & Vintage Finds

Little Oblio playing with our "new" Fisher Price toys

I thought I'd share my AWESOME vintage find that I scored at a yard sale last week. I saw it in a yard sale ad on Craigslist on Thursday night & about had a heart attack. I honestly had a hard time sleeping that night (I'm a total dork) I was worried I wouldn't get there in time to get it! I've been looking for one for YEARS! YEARS!!!! Friday morning I set my alarm early & arrived just a few minutes after the yard sale started. I tried to act like I was looking around but really couldn't help myself. I headed right for the school house. I was so happy that I got it! The lady was kind of laughing at me because I told her how happy I was & reminded her of the lunchbox I had bought from her last year. Yes I love vintage toys & lunchboxes. I told you I was a dork! I've been watching this school house on EBay for a couple years now & the bids always go too high. Finding vintage Fisher Price toys is hard & to find them in good condition is even harder. This one was in really great condition. All of it was pretty dirty but wiped up well & it now sits on top of our piano until the bookshelves are built. The girls can play with it anytime they want. Omri really loves the mini bus. I got everything pictured above for $22! A steal!

I finished basting Omri's quilt & started hand quilting it. My sweet friend Christi let me borrow one of her quilting hoops when my tiny one just wasn't cutting it. I'm on the lookout for a big one (like in the picture above) but haven't found just what I need yet. I'm heading to Carson City next week & hope I can find one while I'm there. If not I'll be buying one online. Hand quilting is such a slow process but I'm really enjoying it.

There is something so calming about the whole process. I'm working on this every night when Dean & I watch TV or a movie. I also take it with me wherever I go. That way I can work on it in any quiet moments that come along during my day. Those quiet moments are rare but do happen & even if I only get a row of stitches in, I'm that much closer to being done :)

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