Saturday, April 19, 2008

August Rush

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should. I feel it is something even Sloan could watch and enjoy. Very clean and family friendly. Dean and I both enjoyed it. It is not very realistic, but it captures the whole you can never dream too much or too big. I like that.

Great friends & good food

Tonight we had our good friends and neighbors Tony and Sara and little Hailey over for dinner. Dean grilled up burgers and hot dogs while I made a salad some potato's and corn. I also baked a few cookies for desert. Tony and Sara are the best neighbor's. The kind you can call at 6 in the evening and ask for a cup of milk because you don't have any in the house for the recipe you are making for dinner. The girls just adore them. We love having Hailey over once a week. Our whole family is grateful for all their kindness.
I got a bit more done on the painting but I am not going to show you the process pictures until's just at a weird stage at the moment. I am not extremely happy with the color of the last layer I threw down, it's a blue that I thought would look darker, it's not the dark that I wanted. Tomorrow I will work on it again.

Painting progress

How cute is this little painting partner?

Adding another layer.

When Aris was finished with her snack Zoe was ready to paint with mommy. Painting partner number 2.

The next step, this was done after the kids went to bed, was to add a matte medium to the layers I had already painted. If I don't, the paint starts to get a mucky. I like to keep the layers crisp and clean.

I finished up for the night after I added the blue. I have to let each layer dry and it was late so I called it a night. I was a little stuck before I added the blue, but now I feel a lot better with the direction of the painting. Plus I am just going to have fun with it. Don't want to stress myself out over this one.

Wii would like to play

Abby and Sloan!


Making Mii's..............

Having fun!

This picture was taken a smidge before 11 pm. The girls didn't want to stop the fun. Kirsten surprised Abby with a Wii last night. She was nice enough to invite Sloan along for the fun.