Friday, April 18, 2008

Shawn's new book

I always try to support the arts, and fellow artists. So today I thought I would leave you with a peek at my friend Shawn Barbers newest book "Forever and Forever". It was released not too long ago. It is published by 9mm books, and you can get it through his website I have listed on my "Links I like" to the right of my blog. If you haven't had a chance to visit Shawn's site you should. Even if you are not a fan of the subject matter tattoo's (there is some nudity contained on his website), his technique is incredible. He also offers instructional videos on his painting techniques if you are interested. Shawn and I both attended Ringling School of art and Design in Sarasota Florida. Even though I was a few years younger he allowed me to tag along with him and his friends. I eventually became very dear friends with many people I met through him, and was able to participate in many sketch sessions with all of these amazing artists. Shawn was kind of like a big brother to me. Dean and I had a chance to visit with Shawn on his trip to the Reno Tattoo convention that is held in Down Town Reno every year. He is the catalyst for why I started working on art again. He said there were no excuses for putting off creativity, no matter how many commitments or responsibilities I had. I am glad I have taken his advice. My art has become my way to unwind after I have all the kids in bed. It is a way for me to still feel like I have half a brain, it challenges me to think outside the box and push myself a little harder. I have also found that if I set my mind to something that I can accomplish that goal, even with three kids. It helps to have a supportive husband. I am grateful every day for Dean. He really wants me to follow my dreams and he helps in any way possible to make them happen. Shawn is also an instructor at the Art school in San Fran. He and his wife reside in downtown San Francisco. One of these days he has promised to paint a picture of my girls. I can't wait to add that one to my already amazing collection of art.

Painting progress

Well here is the first layer of paints. I showed this part of the canvas a few weeks back. I had started the painting the night Zoe started throwing up, and then followed with a week of random barfing. I will not rehash as I have already touched on that unpleasant experience in a past post. I am just now getting to the painting again these past few days. When I paint my abstract paintings it is a process of layer's and more layer's of paint.

Here I have taken the red paint and added some more texture. I use a lot of the same techniques you would use for faux painting, I just apply them to the board. The more texture the better.

This next step is a lot of fun. I take a few of my accent colors and water them down quite a bit and then I start the "dripping" process. When I get to this part of the painting I paint thick lines or squiggles of paint and let it drip. I am constantly flipping the board so that the drips can go several different ways before they stop.

Here is where I am at the moment. I got to this point last night but had no batteries for the camera. I will be taking pictures of the process until the painting is finished. Please feel free to comment on what you think is working or not working. Just remember it's still got a ways to go before it is done.

8 Miles (not the movie)

Well the first week of walking is coming to an end. So far I have walked 8 miles. It would have been 10 but Wednesday was a wash due to my neck pain. I am hoping to walk tomorrow also if possible. Dean and Tony will be doing yard work and maybe Sarah will want to bring Hailey along. I had someone ask me if I was pregnant yesterday. Ohhhh smack in the face! Never mind shes the weird drunken neighbor (she lives in a small house behind our nice next door neighbor) the comment still hurt. The crazy thing is I have actually lost some weight. I guess its time to up the crunch count. After your third child things just take a little longer to get back into shape. I will just keep truckin' and working out and walking. On a more pleasant note I had the pleasure of meeting a nice mom and her little son while we were at the Marina on the playground this morning. She told me about a Sparks playgroup and she said she would e-mail me some info on it. It is always fun to meet other mom's and little one's. Hope everyone is having a great Friday.