Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I know I'm late on this but things have been a little crazy around here today. I got a little part time gig cleaning a house every other Wednesday. It was a lot of work but so happy to make the extra money. I'm saving money for a rainy day:)

Speaking of rainy days, the weather here has been awful! Cold & wet & my walking partner has been ill. So I haven't walked but once this week. I wasn't feeling so great either. The extra sleep in the morning has left me feeling rested.

I'm still hoping to weigh myself this week. I don't own a scale so I rely on my friends, only I haven't had a chance to step on the darn thing in weeks. If I get to this Friday I will post the weight update then. I hope everyone is having a great week & I look forward to posting on time next week.