Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Loving this space

This is probably one of my favorite places in our home right now. I bought this cabinet at Goodwill right before I had the baby. It was a whopping $35! I adore it. I'm working on keeping our house clean and as uncluttered as possible. A real challenge with 4 little ones.  I find it is easier for me to think clearly when things are neat & tidy. When I keep up on the house I don't feel as guilty working on projects for myself.


Speaking of projects, here is my new art space.


Here is the after I finished cleaning it last night. There are still a few boxes in the garage of things to put away in this area. I'll be putting the last of it away tomorrow. I also have about 6 bins of fabric that will stay in the garage & can be taken out as needed. I am so excited to use this space. It is in our breakfast nook. We have a huge dinning room and this space was unused. Dean & I thought it would make a great place to work until my studio in the 4th garage is finished. It will happen eventually but for now this is an amazing space to work in. The drafting table was FREE! It was in an abandoned home and the new owner said I could have it before they hauled it to the dump. It's like brand new. The other table my mom found at the Goodwill Bargain Bin for $5! I'll be using it for all my paper crafts and sewing projects. 

I'm slowly taking pictures of the rest of the house. I will post as spaces become a little more put together. We still have soooooo many projects to do before the house is completely where we want it but this is a start.