Monday, February 4, 2008

A diffrent take on an old favorite

I know, I know, only certain people will find this amusing. I guess I am one of those few. This is by one of the artists I have on my links, Adrian Johnson. He is a super talented illustrator. I love that his art has such a vintage feel to it. Advertising art from the 20's -60's is some of my favorite.

Mommies little helper

Tonight I was able to talk with my friend Michelle Young. She used to live here in Reno and now lives in Washington State with her beautiful family. Today she e-mailed her new blog address to all her friends. She has started a business creating fashionable accessories for mothers. All of her items are extremely useful and made out of lovely vibrant fabrics. Keep her in mind for a unique hand made baby shower gift.

A little color added

I got a pretty good start on this last night considering Dean and I watched a movie that we had to turn in this morning. I am hoping to have it finished up by tonight. I'm kind of on a roll and I don't want to loose my motivation. So I will probably paint a few more things and then hopefully start some sewing this weekend. Look for the finished picture late this evening.