Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movie and a Painting

Would like to watch this.........

now that I've seen this.

Dean and I watched this movie last night and thought it was pretty funny. I always have to drag Dean kicking and screaming to get on board a chick flick (not for real, but he likes to tease me about them) always relenting in the end and most usually enjoying what we watch. The movie is a story about relationships, friendships and love. I knew it was the remake of an older film and now I look forward to seeing the original. I am guessing they are quite a bit different. It's not a world changing film by any means, but a fun film no less. I would watch it again later on down the road. How could you not like a film with Meg Ryan in it? Or Bette Middler for that fact (love her!). 

While we watched the movie I started this little painting. It is the first in a series of 5 birdie girls paintings I will be working on over the next week. Our house is just too crazy at the moment to sew. I am not complaining. It was so nice to wake up this morning to a kitchen with walls that were almost uniform in color, and texture. I have a big smile on my face right now. Dean is even working on painting the few upper cabs we have in the garage today. The smile on my face just got bigger. That would be so nice, we have been functioning with the use of three cabinets for months now. He even said he is going to try to finish the tile. If my smile gets any bigger, well my face just might break. So, off to bathe my little mermaids and get us ready for church on time. Sloan has a talk to give in primary. About why family is important to heavenly father and to her. We sat down last night and she wrote it herself. It is short and sweet and to the point. Zoe was asked to give the opening prayer. Zoe is super excited about this. It should be fun. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!