Thursday, October 30, 2008

Movies for Halloween

What is the point of Halloween if you don't watch this? I think I have seen this almost every year on Halloween since I was a little girl. 

Another great classic. Seriously I think this is such a great movie for Halloween. It did however scare the crap out of me. For quite a few years I was convinced E.T. was hiding in my closet. That and I thought I saw Michael Jackson at a local gas station, but we will save that story for another post.

So I thought, hey, wouldn't it be fun to put some of the scarier movies I have seen in a post? Then I thought, hey, why not give you the trailers to watch. That way if you are to chicken, bock, bock, bock, bock,  to watch the scary movies that I have recommended, at least you can watch a snippet of them. Trust me they are way scarier than the run on sentences I just wrote. 

I know you might think, why didn't she add this movie? Or why didn't she add that movie? I only added movies that I have actually seen. I am very aware of other movies that might be even more frightening than the ones I have chosen. I didn't think it would be proper to add those that I haven't been frightened by. Some are not Halloween movies at all, but all of them have scared me. Some I will never watch again. 

So heres to a very Spookable Halloween. I would love to know what you think about the movies I have suggested. Feel free to leave comments, and suggestions of movies you think I might need to see for a good scream.

Happy Halloween!

*I did forget to add Silence of the Lamb, and The Orphanage to the list below.

P.S. The Exorcist trailer I had a lot of trouble with. I don't know how it loaded twice, at the same exact moment in time. It kind of freaks me out, and yes it is one movie I will never watch again. 



Still a very thrilling movie, but way scarier when I was younger.

I am Legend

This movie terrified me. Any movie dealing with mass annihilation of the planets population is just down right scary to me. Not to mention the dark seekers were pretty freaking cool. I really enjoyed this movie and I recommend it all the time.

28 Weeks Later

This movie not only has the whole "Almost all the population has been wiped out" factor going on, it is a little creepy to see innocent people being chased by fast, yes fast zombies.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This movie scared me when I was a little girl. I read the book when I was in high school (this is a great Ray Bradbury story) Of corse the book version of the story is way better than the movie. Rumor has it Tim Burton is possibly remaking this movie (Yes!!!!) This is no longer scary to me now, but at one point in my life it kept me up at night.

The Abandoned

From the beginning this movie was very unnerving, visually disturbing and I kept waiting for all the craziness to make sense, even in an abstract sort of way. No such luck. I was so frustrated with the ending. It was such a cop out. Like they couldn't figure out how to wrap it all up properly. It would have been so much better if they had explained why the father decided to feed one of his babies to a pig and try to drown the other one. Little note here, both infants survive. So the ending sucked. However I added it for the creepiness factor of the home. It seriously gave me the creeps!

Amityville Horror 2006 Version

I bought this movie for I think $3. In a Blockbuster mark down bin. Thinking it was going to be a little goofy. I figured at least I get to see a cutie through the whole movie if it is stupid. Let's just say this movie scared me for days. They did a really good job of this remake. Explaining why the house was evil and how it became that way. Totally creepy. Plus the dude who played the dad/boyfriend was very frightening in his role. The whole woodchopping scene was terrifying.

The Birds

This movie is a classic. Not that scary in a horror film sort of way, but come on, it's Alfred Hitchcock for goodness sake.

The Exorcist

Um this movie is very scary. I watched all three of the movies in the series at a slumber party in high school. Shhhhh don't tell my mom.

The Exorcist

The Omen

The Shining

Who doesn't find this movie disturbing. Although the book is much scarier than the movie. Like way scarier.