Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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Spring Illustration

Anytime I start a project my workspace looks like this. It's a huge mess of scraps of tiny paper, backs from tape & other tools used to make an illustration. Since I don't have a studio each time I am finished the project must be cleaned up before the day starts.

If not all these tiny pieces will be scattered across the floor. Little hands have a hard time resisting bits & bobbles.

The finished illustration. One day soon (I hope) I will have a space to spread out. A place I won't have to clean up after every work session. One where little hands won't be so tempted to disturb the little piles of whatnots. You know, a space where I can work that isn't in the middle of the living room or the kitchen table. Dean told me that even if I had a studio I won't work in it. I disagree with him on this matter. I did however explain my plans to set up an art area for the kids & a soft sofa with an area to watch movies if they feel so inclined. The sofa would have lots of softy pillows and a few quilts so they can snuggle up if they please. Dean is right, I will want to be close to my little ones. One day my little studio will be a reality. Until then I'll just keep working & dreaming. That is after all how dreams come true, right?