Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birth Story

I honestly didn't feel like I could get any bigger. My belly had hit that point where I felt like if it stretched anymore I might pop open. It was June 29th and we had a little party to celebrate Aris 3rd birthday. I was having a few contractions here and there but I had been having stuff like that for weeks. I didn't think much of it. We got the kiddos in bed and my mom cleaned up after the party and we got the kids into bed. I think we watched something on Netflix, I can't remember.
What I do remember is this. Contractions. They started. The real kind that you have to breath through. It was almost 2 in the morning and I had been lying in bed for an hour unable to sleep. Should I call my midwife? Did I mention I had called her one night almost a month before with said contractions in the early am only to have nothing happen? I was a little apprehensive in calling but worried if I didn't I might be delivering the baby by myself. My last two had come so quickly. Around 2:30 am I made the call. Liz her assistant came over and timed my contractions, checked me, dilated to 3, called my friend Hillary, breath through contractions. Hillary showed up. Diane my midwife showed up around 3:30 with all her bags in tow. I was so excited. This was it! No more waiting around for this little guy. My days of misery over at last! I say misery because I had spent the last few weeks waddling. My hips were in constant pain. I remember feeling a little uncomfortable toward the end with my last three but nothing like this.
My mom and Dean woke up a little after 5am. Diane and Liz started filling up the birthing tub. I was still having solid contractions. Tried the birthing tub and they slowed down quite a bit so I got out. A little after 6am Diane said she wanted to check me. I was still a 3. A 3!!!! She let me know I probably wasn't in true labor or I would be progressing a cm an hour. I was mortified & devastated. I felt bad for waking everyone up in the wee hours of the morning. I was angry. Miserable. She suggested I get some rest and to call her no matter what in an hour. I apologized several times before everyone left. I went to bed.
That nap must have been just what my body needed. I woke up less than an hour later. I went to the bathroom, vomited, lost my plug, and couldn't leave the toilet the contractions were so strong. I called Diane and told her it was "for real" this time. She suggested I call my friend Hillary and have her come over. When I got up to move around again Dean & I walked the porch a few times. He told me how much he loved me. I breathed through the contractions, Hillary told me what a great job I was doing. Everything was happening so quickly now. It was time to get into the birthing tub. I felt the water would be relaxing.

It was time to push. Dean and the girls were there. The two little ones right at the edge of the tub. Sloan watching from a chair near by. I've never delivered in water before. Let me tell you it is quite a different experience. I kept feeling like my legs wanted to float to the surface. So I hooked my toes toward the bottom of the tub and pushed. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it. I kinda feel a little goofy. How hard is it to remember to push? It took me a second to figure it all out though. Way different feeling than laying in bed with nurses holding your feet telling you to push. Diane was very calm and let me control the pushes. I asked her to count, she offered the advice of listening to my body instead. 

More pushing. Liz informed me the head was out. I looked down and by golly she was right! So I thought, hey, we are almost done here. Pushed and pushed and nothing was happening. Finally Diane said, "It's time to get this little guy out Summer. I need you to listen to me and turn over on all fours. Really push okay?" So she flipped me over and I pushed with all my might. He was stuck. Diane took her two fingers and hooked him up under his armpit and helped to pull him out as I pushed. I do remember yelling it hurt. Poor little Sloan ran crying out of the house just as Omri was born. My mom went out to get her. The two little ones were right there by the tub clapping their hands jumping up and down and laughing with excitement. They kept telling me, "Come on mommy, you can do it!" I also remember looking at Dean and telling him I couldn't do it. He smiled and said, "You've said this at every birth and you can do it. It's going to be fine". For every ones information I only said one bad word. I won't repeat it though. 

And just like that he was here. I cut the cord. He was beautiful, perfect, and big! 10 pounds 3 ounces. Now I know why my hips had been hurting so much those last few weeks. And I did it without any drugs or monitors or IV's. At home. In our living room. It was a beautiful and perfect birth. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I say "I" did it but really it was a team effort. It wouldn't have been the same without the love and support of my family. I was surrounded by them and that love and that is just how it should be. I'm grateful for this moment that I was able to share with them. Most of all I'm grateful for our little boy.