Friday, July 22, 2011

1 Year Young

I picked up this cute little cake at Walmart. It was the last "destroy" cake they had. At least it wasn't all pink and girlie. Besides, I like Thomas.

We had another small family party with our dear friends the Mooney family joining us for dinner & cake. They adore little Omri & are always so sweet with my girls. It only seemed fitting to have them over for the special event. It was a beautiful evening with a nice cool breeze. You couldn't have asked for a nicer more perfect night to have a picnic out on the back porch.

Omri wasn't too sure about the cake at first. I don't blame him! We spend the whole first year as parents working so hard to feed our little ones healthy things. Then on their first birthday we're like, here, have this giant mass of sugar! Haahaa!

I think he approves :) 

That's right little man, dig in. 

Now what do I do? 

Oh that's right, I throw it to the ground! It brought up images of the Saturday Night Live video, you know, Throw it to the Ground? Happy Birthday to the ground, lol! You'll have to watch it. It's one of our favorite things to quote around here. 

Dylan rescues the cake. 

Okay ma! The birthday boy is totally done. Time to clean me up so I don't look like a blue Muppet.

Happy Birthday My Man Moblio! I just adore you! It's so fun to have another guy in the house. I love your tender little snuggles & adore your rough & tumbleness. I think it's so fun to watch you scoot toys across the floor (everything is scooted just like a car, lol) & listen to all your many sound effects. You are still a watcher of things. I marvel when your eyes light up watching kids play at the skate park or the girls riding their bikes. I know very soon you'll be joining in on those activities. For now you are still my little guy. I adore you & can't wait to see what this next year brings. 

Happy Birthday Oblio!