Friday, January 23, 2009

Feeling a little Valentine-ish

I have been feeling a little Valentine-ish these days. So I called up my dear friend Hillary and asked if I could come and borrow her Mac that has a Photoshop program on it. Note to self:: Mac Photoshop program is a must buy when I have some duckets. She so kindly showed me how to use the program and this is what I came up with, she helped a little. Smiles. Thanks Hill. I got the above digital scrapbook elements from the wonderful Shabby Princess. I love their site. Hillary introduced them to me, she digital scrapbooks. In addition to Shabby Princess having a lovely assortment of digital downloads you can purchase, they also offer some lovely free downloads. Hope you have fun visiting their site and I look forward to posting some pictures of the finish doll dresses this weekend. They have taken me a little longer than I had initially thought they would (doesn't that always happen with sewing projects?) but I am having fun with them and that's what counts. I can't wait to start all my Valentine art next week. I hope I am not too late. Hope you all have a fun and creative weekend.