Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick Chickens

Well last but not least all my sick little chickens are in bed. I keep waiting for someone to get mad or cry however for the moment I will just bask in the silence of a quiet home, Christmas lights, and Christmas carols playing softly in the background. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little easier for all the Swanson family. Untill then, sleep well.

My first Barbie

My silly little monkey!


And more Barbies.

Before I go take a nap I thought I would post these pictures. Sloan was so sweet, she took Aris into her room and played Barbies with her while I was cleaning the other day. Zoe was in the tub and she was being a total hot sauce, so no pictures of Zoe in this posting.

Winter time

The last week and weekend have been a bit trying for me. I am so sorry I haven't posted in a few day's. Sloan had strep last week and Zoe is super sick and the Dr. is starting her on an oral antibiotic. Thankfully the Dr. didn't make me bring her in. It saved Dean and I an expensive Dr. bill that we really couldn't afford. I am hoping that the medicine will help her and that Zoe will be back to her happy easy self. She was let's just say.......well.......a total monster all day and night yesterday. She is usually such a pleasant child so I will be happy when she is back to normal. I will say that maybe I am the monster mommy because I so sick of sick kid's, and if I felt as bad as she looks, I would be miserable also. With that said I am going to go and lay down with all my sick kids and take a nap so I don't get sick.