Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Great Reno Balloon Races

I always know fall is just around the corner because of the balloon races. It never seems to fail. The balloon races signify a "changing" of the seasons. Balloon races mean it's time for the mornings to be colder, the days cooler. A cleaner more fragrant earthen smell when I breath in the early morning air. I know that soon I will wake up in the morning and throw on a long sleeve shirt before I head to the kitchen to start the daily routine. I will no longer be able to strip the little ones down to diapers in my desperate attempt to save on spray n' wash. It's too chilly. Gone are the days of walking outside barefoot, and I know in a few brief weeks the girls will have to come inside earlier from their after school fort making in the back yard. Please don't think I am too sad. Nope, just gearing up for all the indoor time. Nevada can get pretty cold, but the winds here make it feel bitter at times. I will keep up with my walking as long as possible. It will be fun to bundle up the kids and wear my beanie while I am walking. It will be so nice to exercise and not feel like I smell like a boys locker room when I am done from all the sweat. The balloon races mean that a visit to Apple Hill is just around the corner. That the local pumpkin patches will soon be open and that Halloween costumes must now be considered. It also means I can snuggle up to Dean even closer, you know, to save on the heating bill. I can pull out all my sweaters and scarves, and socks. I can wear my toasty collection of hats and not look like a crazy lady. I love the upcoming days of fall and the fun that they bring. It is one of my most favorite times of the year.