Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sneaky Peaky

The newest series of "Lil Owl Darlings" for my first fall shop update. They will be available Monday morning! Opps! I mean by Tuesday morning. Sorry guys!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Things Come in Threes

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin #3

Can you tell I'm getting very excited for fall! It's just around the corner. I have been working on some new fall/Halloween art for a shop update. The baskets are almost done! I can't wait to show them to you. Look for a shop update on Monday.

In other good news, I spoke with Sloan's Dr. yesterday. She is a wonderful pediatrician. Although they still don't know what's going on with Sloan she has ordered one more blood test to see if it something simple that might be exacerbated by the fact that Sloan has diabetes. She also prescribed Naproxen which is just glorified Advil, to help with the inflammation. We are going to see how she is feeling in one month and then go from there. It's good to know that the Dr.'s feel something is wrong too. It's not just me. Now I don't have to feel like the crazy mom, LoL.

The second awesomeness that happened this week, I will be selling my artwork in a local children's boutique. Rockabye is an awesome upscale boutique where you can purchase unique toys, clothing, baby & children's furniture, and original art. It's a super cute store. I took my art in the other day and the owner loved it! She wants me to bring in as much or as little as I want to hang on the walls. We will give it a couple of months and see how it sells. I will still keep things listed in my Etsy shop, but will offer them in the brick and mortar store as well.

& Since good things always come in threes..........I went to the 2nd to the last scrapbooking store here in Reno yesterday. It is sad to say that 6 different local scrapbook stores have closed their doors in the last 6 months. That means my very wide selection of beautiful papers to buy and create from is shrinking. Thankfully this store has a pretty wonderful selection. The staff was amazingly helpful and happy. There is a possibility of me teaching a class! She really loved my stuff and will be showing it to the owner of the store. I am very excited about the opportunity to possibly teach a class. I really hope to hear from them soon.

Hope everyone has a super fun weekend. I know I am-Hugs to you all!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super Fixer Zoe

This little girl stayed under the car almost the whole time Dean was taking out the tranny. When he was underneath working on the truck, Zoe was right next to his feet with all her plastic tools and her little tool bench. The truck was jacked up just enough for her to be able to sit perfectly underneath & that is where she played..... all...... afternoon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Important Things

I anxiously awaited a phone call from Sloan's Dr. today. I missed her call yesterday and then proceeded to worry all night & most of today. I was really hoping this test would tell us something. I was heartbroken to hear that once again she has elevated levels on her ANA test but the Dr.'s aren't sure what is specifically wrong. One Dr. even said it's probably just her diabetes causing these results. I'm not convinced. SOMETHING is causing my daughter so much pain. She's almost over this "flair up", however I am guessing the next one will begin in 3-4 weeks from now. I am keeping a detailed log of what's going on. Something is just not adding up. Two tests with elevated results I feel means there is something going on. Her pediatrician is calling me this week to talk about the next step to take in this process. Thank you for all your well wishes and for the prayers. I can feel them. I'm grateful to you all.

you can win this handmade doll..........
or some of their patterny goodness so you can make one of your very own Dylan & Jo wall hangings. Either one you choose I think they are both swell prizes to win.

Last but certainly not least, there is still time to rate my photo "Happiness" for the Show us your America contest. The more 5star ratings I receive the better chance I have of making it to the final 10. you can rate my photo here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Halloween Sneaky Peaky

I'm still working on art. Here's a photo to prove it.

I am working on art, seriously, no don't laugh....okay, laugh. I sure could use a laugh. Life is just a little chaotic these days. Who knew 4th grade would be filled with so much homework. I am finding that many nights Sloan isn't making it to bed until 9 due to all of the assignments she has. The good news is that we are getting her into a little homework routine.

Crazy #2 is that Sloan is still feeling terrible. She will have a good three weeks of feeling relatively okay and then a week or two of throbbing joints and headache, sore throat and ringing in her ears. This week has been one of those weeks. It is seriously draining. I feel so very helpless not knowing what's really going on with her. I took her to the Dr. on Friday and I was so relieved when they saw actual swelling in her hands. That may sound crazy, but my hope is that through this newest set of blood work, we might get some answers. I'm starting to feel like that mom. You know the one that is always bringing their child to the Dr. because they aren't feeling well, then no one can find anything wrong with her. Only something is wrong with my little girl. It just breaks my heart. Nothing feels worse than not knowing how you can help your child.

So you will have to forgive me if my posts are a little sporadic or it takes me a little longer to get back to you and say hello. Please know I am just trying to focus on my little family. Gotta get my little girl well. Please know I'm not trying to write a sympathy post here. I know you all wanted to be kept posted on Sloans' health. Promise to let you know when we find out more.

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend. Promise I'll check in real soon. Hugs to you all-Summie

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My little sister Brennan who is now taller than me, can you believe it? She is seriously the most amazing artist and very sweet. Zoe calls her "Nennan" so that is what we call her now. Oh how I adore my Nennan.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Children's Books

No date in this one, but I'm guessing it's from the 30's. If anyone knows please feel free to let me know.

The little Black Sambo illustrations are bright and cheerful. I know this is a story you don't see much anymore. I love the illustrations of this bright eyed little boy.

The colors are so pure and beautiful in the illustrations.

Never seen this version of Little Red before but it's very cute. I was able to pick this up for $5 at Goodwill. Did you know that some thrift stores carry antique items for a little more money? This book was originally $29. However the nice book girl marked it down. I think she saw how excited I was about all the art. She even went as far as to bring me a few other unique books that I ended up buying. Don't get that kind of customer service very often anymore.

I about died when I found this 1957 "A Child's Garden of Verses" illustrated by one of my all time favorite artists, Gyo Fujikawa. I grew up with her beautifully illustrated children's books. It's so beautiful.

The inside cover.

How cute is this?

Look at her two page spreads.....

I think this one is my favorite.

I love this one too, heck I love them all. Do any of you enjoy vintage children's books as much as I do?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My aunt & uncle with Ivy & Brianne.

My cousin Brooke with Zoe.

My sister Brennan, cousin Brianne & Ivy.

Brianne with Aris.

Ivy with Zoe.

Jordan pretending to be Shrek and Sloan asking him to pull her from one side of the room to the other. He's a great sport.

All these cousins=Serious fun!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Vote for me, Pretty Please!!!!!

This is the photo I submitted.
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So this is a pretty cool contest. It's hosted by Aaron Brothers an amazing frame store. The winner will receive a $1,000 shopping spree for the store. $1,000 shopping spree at a framing store could be very useful to any artist, but I would love to even have a chance to win this.

::Here's how it works::
The more 5 star ratings I get, the better chance I have at making it to the final 10.

There are hundreds of amazing photos, but one can hope right. Thanks for your votes!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I *Heart* Books

I started these ever so long ago it seems.I finally finished them up yesterday afternoon. The lighting was terrible by the time I had a chance to take pictures. So during nap time today I went ahead and photographed them and added them to the shop.

"Books are Awesome!"

All the lettering is hand stitched.

This little guy would look great on some one's wall or in a child's room.

"I Love to Read!"

I used real ribbon to make her cute little red hair bows.

More hand stitched letters.

Little button brads were used on all of their shoes.

These little critters are framed and ready to go. I am willing to sell them as a set for a reduced price. Please let me know if you are interested.