Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Friends

Here's what it looks like in the frame.
The frame measures 12 1/2"x 14 1/2".
The opening is 9 1/2 "x 7 1/2".
Scrap book paper and embroidery thread were used to create this.

The up close.

Here it is. This is my attempt at an illustration for a boy. I am not sure it's as successful as I wanted it to be. All of the rain drops and the stitching is done with embroidery floss. Please feel free to leave some feedback on this one.

Still fighting the bug

Well a big thank you to all who have been asking about my little Air Bear, and remembering her in your prayers. RSV (respiratory syncytal virus) is super contagious, usually produces cold like symptoms, and can turn into other things like pneumonia. It attacks your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs just like a cold. There are many kinds of RSV so your body does not become immune to it, and you can get it again and again throughout your life. In severe cases the patient can be hospitalized for respiratory distress. I got all this info off of web MD. Aris thankfully doesn't need to go to the hospital. The poor little thing however, looks and sounds terrible. She has been a very good little baby considering how yucky she is feeling, and has slept a ton over the past few days. I am hoping that all this extra sleep can help her to fight off this virus sooner.

Yesterday I scrubbed and washed and aired out the house. The weather has been so mild. I am looking forward to taking the girls to the park as soon as little Aris is feeling 100%. It feels good to have a freshly cleaned home and I even had a chance to work on my alligator illustration. It is almost finished. My friend Kirsten (Abby's Mom) came over last night. Abby and Sloan played on the computer and Kirsten watched the girls so Dean and I could go out for a little date. I feel guilty that we left a sick baby at home, and I tried to cancel but Kirsten refused. She said we needed to get out of the house. We were only gone for a little over three hours, can I tell you it was a much needed break. We had a lovely dinner, and then went to Barnes and Noble so Dean could use his Christmas gift certificate his brother Eric gave him. Aris slept most of the time we were gone and as soon as I got home she feel asleep for the night. Dean and I don't get to go out by ourselves very often so this was a very special treat.

Dean is working on the doors for his side job again. They look so good. He isn't using nails so the process is time consuming. Everything has to be glued and clamped. The result is quite lovely. I will post some photos tonight of our girls, Dean's project, and my alligator illustration. Thank you again for all the concern for my little Aris.