Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day Cards

For your Darling

For your Sweetheart

These are the two newest cards I made for Simply Sweet Marriage. You can print them out for FREE ::here::

I hope everyone has the most wonderful weekend. Sloan has an honors choir performance at the local collage today. She looks so cute in her uniform. She's totally excited. I love listening to her sing all day long on the weekends. She's like my own personal songbird. Zoe & Aris have their very first Valentines Day party to go to today. Zoe has carried her invitation in the shape of a robot around since last week. They are needless to say just a tad bit excited. I have a baby shower I will be going to for a dear friend tomorrow. It's her first girl! I'm so excited to go and buy her a few cute girl things. I've come to the realization that shopping for boys isn't as much fun. I have found a few cute things for little Omri. Target now carries some Paul Frank items that I have been buying when I find them on sale.

Paul Frank=Super Cool!

The rest of the weekend I'm turning off the computer & tuning out. Time for me to get some art time in. So many ideas have been floating around in my head lately I just need to get them down on paper. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with all of your sweetie pies!

Happy Valentines Day!