Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Dreaming of Art

School has started for Sloan. It doesn't quite seem fair to have to go back when the days are still so hot & the river and lake are calling our names. It felt strange to go and buy school supplies when the leaves are no where even close to changing colors. It was time. She was bored.

However things are not boring around our house these days. Nope we have had a steady stream of company passing through our home. It has been so much fun to have everyone visit. My mom & little sister just flew in on Tuesday evening. My brother and his girlfriend will be driving in on next Wednesday. Time with family is precious.

Despite all the fun with family & friends coming to visit, it has left me dreaming of art. Everything has all but come to a stop when it comes to art. It's okay. My mind is still thinking up all sorts of creative ideas to work on when things slow down a little. Good thing, because this little house of ours is going to feel mighty lonely when everyone goes home. I'll need something to keep my mind off of how much I am missing everyone.