Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Dean & I decided to take the girls down town to the river for a walk.

Cool old tree stump.

Of coarse we all ended up in the river. Next time we will bring suits.

(Someone recommended I delete this photo. It's been removed.)

On our way back. A fun end to a wonderful weekend.

A Total Surprise

I got this lovely surprise in the mail yesterday.

Isn't it beautiful!

I have always wanted one of Dana's quilts and now I have one of my very own. I'm just ecstatic. Have you seen her beautiful work? Maybe you've entered one of her giveaways? You can find her blog here. She also makes yummy soaps and scrubs from all natural ingredients. I love visiting her blog every few days. She has such a lovely way of looking at life.

I placed it right on our living room chair (the one Not in front of the window, don't want it to fade) so that we can see it and use it on a daily basis. I love it! Just love it! Thank you Dana from the bottom middle and top of my heart! I will treasure it always.

How We Spent our Saturday

Not every Saturday, but most are spent outdoors. I put my foot down on movies and computer time. I'm a mean, mean mommy because I make everyone go outside and play. Terrible! Sloan would rather watch movies all day if she could. I am sure lots of kids like to do this. I mowed the yard and dean worked in the garden. He has done such a lovely job with it.

Our corn, broccoli, & squash (or zucchini)

Tomato plants, zucchini, and I think some cucumbers. We have never gardened before and I think if we had known how many zucchini one plant would produce we would have only planted two. Good thing we like Zucchini! It's going to be coming out of our ears. The pumpkins are coming along nicely and the tress are starting to grow. We even have a few pears on our pear tree.

We are so blessed to live next door to the nicest neighbors. Tony & Sara have watched our dogs several times when we have left town. We grilled up some yummy food as a thank you for all their kindness. Their daughter Haylie & Aris are just a few weeks apart in age. They have a blast playing together, last night Ring around the Rosie was a favorite.

How cool is this? A double rainbow. I haven't seen many of those.

The skies were full of dark black clouds and bright sunlight all at the same time. I love weather like that.

How did you spend your Saturday?