Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giant Log Cabin Quilt Finished!

Quilt measures 51"x51"


Well, here she is in all her glory! It only took me a little over a year to finish. I started the top Last March & then set it aside. I sorta have a bad habit of doing this & that is the reason I'm trying to finish up all those projects that have been haunting me. I am happy with it for the most part. A little disappointed that the log cabin part wasn't a little more square. It really stretched even before I basted & quilted the top. I really have no idea what I did wrong. Another thing I noticed is I still had two tiny spots on the back where it pucked ever so slightly when I quilted. I really flattened it out & don't know why that keeps happening when I quilt. You can't tell quite as much once I washed it but still I'd love to get to the point where this isn't happening. If anyone has any pointers I'd love to hear them. 

I used the French General line of fabrics for this quilt with a few other lines from Moda on the back. I also used cream colored muslin on the front & the brown floral fabric on the back I purchased from Hancock. I was super nervous washing this quilt because of the mini quilt fiasco. So I went & purchased some of the Shout Color Catchers & decided to give them a try. Those little sheets were magic! Magic!!!! The quilt came out of the wash perfectly! I was super excited & relieved. This quilt is going to be auctioned off at the upcoming JDRF Gale. All proceeds with go to finding a cure for diabetes. A cause that is near & dear to my heart.