Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday Night Emergency Room Visit

We had such a blast all afternoon and evening on Saturday. I walked to Butcher Boy and picked up some yummy meat. Dean was working all day on installing the new water heater. So BBQ was just what would make the perfect day even better. We ate and then while we were cleaning up I asked Sloan if she could carry the cups and my glass into the house. On her way up the stairs, she tripped. The mason jar broke. Sloan started crying and screaming. Dean is like, I think you might want to come take a look at this. Blood was all over the place. When I first looked at Sloan's mouth, I couldn't see any of the bottom front teeth. I thought for sure my daughter was going to have to wear dentures the rest of her life. Once we got her cleaned up I found where all the blood was coming from. Poor little thing, she had a laceration that went strait through her lip. We couldn't tell if she had glass in the hole or not. So off to the emergency room we went. Thankfully they only had to use some Dermabond instead of stitches. It was so traumatic for Sloan, but once we got her calmed down she was wonderful about the whole thing. She has such aversions to Dr.' of any kind. I don't half blame her. She was amazing and I was sure to let her know how wonderful and brave she was.

Today when I picked her up from school, she had picked off the Dermabond! I could just spank her little buns! (not really, please don't call social services) But I couldn't believe it. She doesn't understand what scars are. It's a pretty good sized laceration. Little stinker. So I had two choices, take her back to the emergency room and have them put more Dermabond on the wound, or grab some liquid band aid from the store. I chose the latter. We will see if she leaves it on. The Dr. also put her on an antibiotic because of her diabetes. I know it's hard to see the wound to its fullest in this picture, but trust me, for a mom it's the most horrifying thing to see on one of your kids.

Saturday Afternoon in Technicolor

For all of you who are not family or close friends, I will apologize now for all the photo's of the kids. I have no family here in Reno (just friends who have become my family) so I have to post a lot of photos for all the Grams, Grampas, Bummas and Pop Pops, aunties and uncles who live so very far away. If nothing more maybe you can see through pictures, what a blast we had that day.