Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Time

Aris October 2008

We finally have almost everything moved over from the house. I stopped by to pick up a few things from the old house yesterday and almost cried. So silly. It made my heart ache just a little to see how empty it was. I will confess all the new found space of our new house is lovely. The kitchen is huge, the living room, huge, the bedrooms, huge, the garage, well you get the picture. I love our new yard also. The girls love running through the weeds in the back yard. They look like little gazelles. They have even made little forts in the weeds. Cracks me up. Can you tell we have a lot of yard work to do? The to do list grows every day. First on the list pulling all the weeds in the yard. They are full of goats heads. After that we will work on scraping the ceilings and repainting the rooms. Mustard yellow, murky red, & Pepto Bismol pink are not my idea of colors that I would enjoy living with. Then will come the lighting & so on & so forth. It's a work in progress. I'm excited for the challenge & looking forward to making it our home.

::Awesome things that are happening right now::
I've already met 5 of our neighbors
We live on a cul-de-sac
The back porch is huge
Zoe just taught herself to ride her bike all by herself (on said back porch)
Sloan now has her own room
Dean doesn't have to work this weekend
I'm setting up my art space this weekend (in the house for now)
Life is wonderful

I will admit that I'm super grumpy today. My legs hurt & I'm not sleeping very well these days. The girls haven't gotten to bed on time in over two weeks. It has made for some very grouchy children as well. I'm really hoping that by this time next week we can be back on our regular schedules. Can't wait to share some pictures of the new house as soon as I find my camera cord for the computer :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!