Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scrappy Potholders & Balloon Races

I had a chance to teach a class at church last Saturday. Only two people took the class but I had a blast teaching it & I think they both had fun too. I'm still in a quilting funk. I keep waiting for the perfect moment to get back into things & it hasn't come along. I guess I will have to make magic happen. Hope to have something to share with you soon.

Since I taught my class on Saturday & Dean worked most of the weekend the only morning we had a chance to go see the balloon races was on Sunday. We packed up the kids & headed to Dawn Patrol. Dean picked up doughnuts for the girls & Omri & they were in heaven. The kids had fun & Dean took a nap. Ha! Afterward we headed out for breakfast at Fudruckers. It's an all you can eat buffet & the kids had so much fun making their own plates of food. Omri had been a little grumpy all morning. At first I thought it was because we woke him up too early. As the morning wore on I realized he was acting grumpier & lethargic. By the time we got home poor little man was running a fever. He was such a trooper the whole morning despite feeling so crummy. I had every intention of taking the kids to church when we got back. Hahahaaaa! What a joke to even think that was possible. By the time we got home all the kids were having melt downs & in desperate need of a nap. Heck, even I felt grumpy & tired from all the whining. So we all took naps. 4 hours later we all woke up. Except little man. He slept a bit longer. 

When I look at these pictures I realize all the craziness was worth it. We'll see you next year balloon races. Only all these little ones will be a year older. Crazy how fast this thing called life goes by.