Monday, November 3, 2008

The Best Use of my Time

Sorry for the lack of "Artistic" posts. Sometimes I get a little distracted. Sometimes by mistake, other times on purpose. Lately it's been a little of both. I just really felt the need to step back and evaluate how I was handling some of my interpersonal family relationships. I will admit that sometimes I feel like I fail (more often than not) when it comes to being a parent. Sloan is my biggest parenting challenge. Lately I felt the need to really focus more positive energy on her. I find myself being so negative with her at times. I think because she acts so mature sometimes, I just expect more from her. I have to remember she is still a little girl. She needs my snuggles and positive words and hugs and kisses just as much as the little ones. 

So I have been focusing on my little ones, and letting my art suffer a little. I do have a ton of ideas floating around in my head. Now I need to get to work. My sweetheart will be heading down to San Diego this weekend. I never sleep very well when he is gone. Soooo.................... 

Fortuneteller say:: I foresee a lot of artwork in the very near future.

I think the Fortuneteller is right.

Grampa David

Zoe and Grampa. They really were sleeping. That little furry thing under the blanket by Zoe' arm was an owl that Grampa bought Sloan. It just cracked me up that they fell asleep like this.

This was the busiest weekend. It was a weekend filled with a unique wedding of my very dear friend Kathe, a super fun dinner with friends, and a visit from Grampa David. Now let me start with a special fact. My girls have several sets of Grandparents, and my girls love them all so very much. Each and every visit from every grandparent is special. 
We love when David & Roberta come to visit. I wish Roberta could have come this trip. She is a very talented crafter and I am waiting for the day she can teach me how to knit. I miss you Roberta, hope to see you soon. 
David of coarse spoiled the girls (all the grandparents tend to do this) and I don't think the girls could get enough snuggle time with him. I can't think of anything on this earth that is more important than family. Words can't even express how much I love my family. It's this feeling in my heart, an ache, when I think of how much I love all of them. I am truly blessed. 
We are hoping to go to San Francisco to visit David, Roberta, and the girls before the end of the year. We can hardly wait. Thanks David for another lovely visit. Can't wait to see you guys in December.

What I wish I had in my Daughters Closet

This one is only $260.

You can have this lovely number for your little pumpkin. It's only $308.

Both of these lovely creations can be purchased at the oh so yummy Flora & Henry.  

Leaf Creatures

I gave the girls Q-Tips to use for the glue. This is a trick I learned at the preschool I used to work at. So much easier than squeezing glue bottles, and the girls were able to control the amount they applied to the back of each leaf.

For Zoe this was a good project for building hand eye coordination. Sloan however really got the concept, not only did she make a few "leaf people" she made a leaf dog as well.

Look at that mischievous little face. Aris loves to buckle the belt to her booster seat. If I let her, she would do this all day long. 

When we left church yesterday the girls were freaking out about all the beautiful leaves that were on the ground. I told them they could take two leaves home each. At first I was like, just a few girls, visions of crunched leaves all over my kinda clean car. Then I thought to myself, wouldn't it be fun if they could make leaf people out of all these leaves? I am sure I looked a little crazy grabbing handfuls of leaves and throwing them into my front seat (yes there are still leaves in the front of my car, but they sure are pretty). Sloan thought I had lost my mind. "What are you doing Mom?" She asked. When I told her, she could hardly wait to start our art project. I always forget that it's usually the little things that entertain. My girls had a blast doing this little project. What are you doing with all of the lovely fall foliage around your home?