Monday, March 17, 2008

And here is the rest of the story

Zoe threw up three more times during the early morning. At about 11:30 I put her down for a nap and she slept until 4:30. Tonight she was running around until bedtime like nothing had ever happened today. I still wouldn't let her eat anything but applesauce and crackers. Tomorrow things will hopefully be back to normal. I was able to work on Katie Turtle for a bit today. I usually go to work on things as soon as the girls go to bed, however tonight I just finished cleaning up the remains of the day (A great movie by the way), and My hubby is sitting on the sofa waiting for me to snuggle up to him to watch a few minutes of TV before we go to bed. I am going to snuggle him up and relax. I think I deserve it today. Good night until tomorrow.

No hot dogs for me!

Zoe has recently started crawling into bed with us at wee hours of the morning. I put her back in her bed change her wet diaper (I will be getting on that potty training thing very soon) and then sing her twinkle twinkle, it's her favorite and kiss her goodnight. I crawl back into my bed only to be jolted awake by cries of hunger! Not from wolves out in the wild, no just my little Aris who screams and kicks her legs until I nurse her. There are no tears during this process although by the sound of her you would think something terrible was happening. So anyway this morning around 3 AM to be exact, Zoe came and crawled into bed and this whole process as described above happened. However this time Zoe came in a second time wanting to talk to me about something. At this point I am too tired to repeat the whole process of bedtime, I've already done it twice already, so I put her back in bad and fall quickly asleep beside her, in her little bed. I'm having a very vivid dream about shopping in a huge Kmart. I don't know why. So in my dream I am shopping in Kmart and then I am suddenly woken up by coughing and sputtering gagging sounds. Zoe is vomiting all over the place, right at the back of my head all over the pillow. This is not part of the dream, it's really happening. I tried to grab the plastic sink from the girls kitchen so I could do damage control but it kept getting stuck on the pretend faucet. Dang those pretend faucets. All I could really do at this point is pat her back and tell her it was going to be OK. After the whole ordeal was over I put her in the tub, how I didn't get chunks in my hair and all over my back, well I am going to consider this part a modern day miracle. After I stripped her whole bed, disinfected the mattress and got little Zoe all cleaned up and dressed in fresh clothes, she threw up again. This time however I was prepared! I had placed a large bowl beside her on the coffee table. She finally fell asleep on the sofa watching Blues Clues. If you had to clean up what I did this morning,you wouldn't be eating hot dogs for a while either. Hopefully the rest of the day will go a little smoother.