Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mozy Dozers

I love all of my children the same & I don't play favorites. However with that being said there are certain qualities that each of them possess that make me so grateful to call these sweet little ones mine. It makes them unique & helps to liven things up in my already full to the brim life. A constant reminder to slow down just a little to watch, listen, & learn from these innocent but wise beyond their years children that I have been entrusted to bring up in this crazy world. It is a daunting task but one I'm willing to tackle.

This Zoe girl of mine. She is my easiest child by far. It started at birth. She came into this world peacefully & calmly with only Dean, the Dr. & a nurse to witness this sacred event. The room was dim. The Dr. was calm. It was beautiful & perfect. She's quick to please but stubborn when she feels a strong sense of right or wrong. If someone is sad she will give them her favorite toy or blanket so they feel happy again. Her kisses are hopelessly slobbery & wet & her hugs are awkward but oh so genuine. It's hard not to fall instantly in love with all her quirks.

Lately she has really started drawing the most amazing faces. She wants to know how to draw "real eyes" I guess those are different from the fake ones, haahaa! Her favorite thing is to have Sloan or I draw something & then she looks at it & draws the exact same thing. An artist in the making. Along with mad drawing skills she has developed the sharpest little wit. She understands comic timing & once she starts it's hard to stop her. She really is funny. Yesterday she was on one of her comic rolls. As we were driving in the car the following conversation happened::

Zoe::Mom, do you still have my immunization records up there?
Me::Yes, why?
Zoe::Cause if you didn't we'd be doomed!
Me::Haahaaa, Zoe where did you hear that?
Zoe::I really have no idea.

Then at dinner::
Zoe::Mom, can we please watch a movie after dinner?
Me::No Zoe, it will be time for bed.
Zoe::Damnity Damn!!!!
Me::Zoe!!!! We don't say those words in our house!!! Where did you hear that?
Zoe::I really have no idea! (& then she giggled)

This morning she ran inside with brown splatters all over the front of her dress. She swore that a bird pooped on her (I'm pretty sure it was mud.)

Seriously!?! Where does she come up with these things. Today she stepped on a nail in the back yard. It was so sad. As I was cleaning her foot she cried while telling me her story of how it all happened. She confessed she was going to go make mud pies when the accident happened (Bird poop my foot ;). With tears streaming down her cheeks, I listened & almost started crying myself. Her sweet tender little heart melts mine on a daily basis. Her foot is sore but she'll be fine. I'm taking her to get a shot just in case, but the nail wasn't rusty & that is a good thing.

So why am I sharing these silly moments? Because if I don't I will forget them. I find myself so tired at the end of the day I fall asleep saying my prayers. I want to make sure I don't forget these moments. Typing them out is a way for me to remember. How do you remember your child's little quirks & funny sayings. Do you write them down? I'd love to know. Hope you all are having a great week! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Michael & Asher Wedding

I have known Moa & her family for quite a few years now. They are some of my favorite people. So when Moa asked if I would be willing to shoot her brother Michael's wedding, I said yes. I nervously asked if they knew this was my first time shooting a wedding & she told me that shouldn't be a problem. She did have one request, that I borrow a camera for the big day. A friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow her Canon & I got a crash coarse in camera mechanics via text & through a few phone calls from a dear old high school friend (Wayne you saved my bacon!) It was such a humbling experience. I now have a totally new found respect for wedding photographers. I also learned why photographers have assistants. I sure could have used one that day. I am so grateful that Michael & Asher allowed me to be a part of their special day. You guys are amazing!

Friday, May 20, 2011

13th Finish

So this is my second attempt at writing this post. The first one I wrote somehow got deleted. Urgggghhhh! If I were superstitious I'd almost think it had to do with the fact that this is my 13th finish. However I'm not superstitious, watch out for that black cat! Just kidding. Okay. Moving on. When my sweet neighbor asked if I could recover her rocker cushions I said sure! I've never done such a thing before but how hard can it be? Then she asked if I could recover the footstool at the same time. I've never reupholstered anything before either but I've been wanting to learn for quite a few years now & felt this was the perfect opportunity. 

I found this tutorial & went to making my template for the seat & back cushion out of a roll of packing paper I had. I took a little extra time with this step. My hope was that it would make the sewing part a little less stressful.

Then I cut the fabric to the pattern & pinned the pieces together. I added some Velcro to some thicker tabs. Then attached them to the fabric. Those tabs are what keep the cushions attached once back on the rocker. Once I sewed the covers together I put the old cushion in the new cover. This was tricky because the back of the upholstery fabric had an almost grip like feel to it. I kind of felt like I was wrestling a pig getting those cushions to go in. Not that I have ever wrestled a pig in real life, but I'm guessing it's a little like what I was doing. Not to mention the fact that the back cushion had to be adjusted 5 different times. That means I had to take the cushion in & out a total of 10 times. Sigh. I wanted to be right so it was worth it to me. My sewing machine wasn't working properly either. The tension on the bobbin was all crazy. I called a sweet friend of mine & she came over to see if she could help me fix it. I was so excited to learn how to take my machine apart, clean it, & put it back together. In all my years of sewing I've never done this before for total fear of ruining my sewing machine. I feel so empowered! I can try to fix things my self before calling someone else to come to my rescue. It's a great feeling.

 Next I reupholstered the the footstool. Dean gave me that awesome staple gun last month. Some girls like nice jewelry, purses, or shoes. Not me. Give me tools baby! Yes he really knows the way to a girls heart. Sigh. I love that guy!

Now that I've done this little project I feel the need to do more! I'm keeping my eyes open for furniture to buy and reupholster. I'm starting small now but my hope is to get good enough at it to redo bigger items as well.

Here it is all finished in my friends home. Not bad for a first try, lol!

It got Zach's nod of approval & that's all that matters anyhow. Hope you all have a happy weekend!

13 down, 39 to go

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost Friday

Aris & Maddie

Today is one of those days where there are a million things to do in a small amount of time. I like days like this. They push me to plan & map, & get things done quickly. Sometimes I find myself going to bed wondering what I have to show for my day. Not on days like today. I will earn my sleep & enjoy the peace that comes when my head hits the pillow tonight. 

First up on my list, to take back my new camera & exchange it for another one. The sensory is bad on it. I'm super bummed. It's only 2 weeks old so I can still exchange it (thank goodness). Then we are heading to story time & the park. After that it's time to come home & scrub the house down, fix lunch, naps for kids, pick up Sloan from school & take her to piano lessons, fix dinner, bathe kids, & then have a Mary Kay party. After that I may just sit down & cut some fabric for the back of my quilt why Dean & I watch a show before bed. See, I told you I'd earn my sleep. How about you, do you ever have days like this? Hope you all have a happy Thursday. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. So very glad!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

2nd Quilt Top

Remember this quilt top I started a while back? 

Well I finally finished everything but the edges & then I got busy with life. With sick kids, other projects that people commissioned me to do. I was a little stumped on how to finish the edges. Sometimes that's just one more excuse to add to the list of reasons why something sits unfinished. 

I already had purchased the fabrics to possibly use but every idea I had just didn't feel right. I thought & thought about it & finally figured when all else fails go with plain & simple. Sometimes the plainest of fabrics can add the biggest impact. I have seen some beautiful quilts lately made of solid colors & they look so beautiful. Once I decided what color (or the lack there of) that I wanted to use all that was left is the pattern. Once again I was stumped! Everything I thought of didn't feel quite right. Then I thought, why not just continue the log cabin? Eureka! Funny how once you figure out what will work everything just flows from there. 

 I plan on using the rest of the fabrics I purchased for the backing of the quilt. I will probably include at least one if not more of the above panels on the back also.

Looking forward to finishing this up this weekend. 
What projects will you be working on?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12th Finish

Someone commissioned me to make some burp cloths & this is what I came up with. 

Front of burp cloth made in Amy Butler.

 Soft chenille on the back

Bib made with vintage fabric 

This set I made for a fellow blogger that has a little daughter. She goes to occupational therapy & is learning how to eat because she has been tube fed since birth. I'm hoping she will be able to use these when she goes. They are bright & cheerful & instead of using the cloth as a "burp cloth" I thought she could use it to snuggle or wipe her face when needed.

 This is my 12th finish. I am so excited to be sewing again. I have a whole list of quilt tops to  finish & others to start. I've also been blessed with a steady stream of sewing commissions. All that money has gone into a fund to buy Sloan new glasses. I'll be back tomorrow to share the next finish I'm working on at the moment. Before I go, run on over to An Art Nest & enter to win her lovely bundle of scraps. Or don't, cause I'm kinda hoping that I'm the lucky gal ;)

12 down, 40 to go


Oh little Sloan, where do I begin? There are so many new & exciting things going on in your life right now. You have had your first crush (but you guys are just great friends). You just got your pump. I watch on a daily basis as you try so very hard to be the best you can be despite all the pain you are in. I can tell when things are getting too hard to bare. When that happens you are very hard to be around, but I love you anyway. We've had a lot of great talks lately. You've talked to me about everything from sex, friends, songs, dreams, goals, & the one that weighs on me the most your health. Just this morning you asked why you have so many health problems. You explained how you felt you are the only kid that suffers. I had to calmly explain that there are actually kids that have it far worse than you. In doing so I hope you know that I am in no way disregarding your special circumstances. But you are strong & all these trials will only make you a better person. What you choose to do with this lot you have been given will shape the adult you will one day become.
I love listening to you play the piano. The songs you compose are better than that of some adults. Your talent with music astounds me! I get chills sometimes listening to you sing when you think I'm not. Your voice is that beautiful. You have told me that someday you plan to go to Juilliard. I hope you follow this dream. I'm so grateful you are my daughter & that I get the privilege of watching you grow into the beautiful young lady that you are becoming. I love you sweet girl!