Monday, August 16, 2010

On Second Lives & Dungeons

Zoe Hot August Nights 2010

My little Zoe is a little obsessed with a certain shirt I found on clearance at Target last year. It's a long sleeve shirt yet she asks to wear it on even the hottest days. It has a print of Jimi Hendrix on the front of it. Did I mention it's her favorite? She asks questions about him all the time. Today while driving to meet some friends she started telling me all about her adventures with Jimi.

Zoe: Mom how did Jimi Hendrix die?
Me:: Well he took too much bad medicine and died. (I didn't think she'd understand drug overdoses yet)
Aris:: No he didn't mommy, he died in a dungeon.
Zoe:: He died of bad medicine?
Me:: Yes.
Aris:: No he didn't! He died in the dungeon. It was sad mommy.
Zoe:: He used to be my dad. I would go on stage and watch the band play with him.
Me:: Really?
Zoe:: Yeah. He lived in a house & I really loved him.

So there it is folks. My Zoe was Jimi Hendrix daughter in a former life, lol, and she really loved her daddy. She cracks me up.