Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snowing and sketching

All of these photos were taken at around 9 this evening. I have always thought it was so strange, when it snows it looks so light outside. I know why but it still gets me every time. Dean is almost done with the plumbing for tonight. He has worked so hard. I swept and mopped the whole house, Dean was like why are you bothering, and I just said it would make me feel a little better about the whole mess we have going on here. I probably won't be able to work on art like I have been for the past few weeks. My work spot has been overtaken by all the misplaced things from the cupboards. I will still be working on art, just on a smaller scale. Hey good news! My spell check is working again! I am going to go back to past posts and fix all my spelling mistakes. Take care and have a good night.

An unpleasantly pleasant suprise

The kitchen is finally getting demolished.

Can you say yum? What in the heck were these doing under our cabinets?

Ahhh yes, and please don't forget the beans.

Thank goodness these were beans, but this was beyond foul. No wonder we keep getting sick, our old house is filled with filth you can't even see. The crazy thing is I can't even imagine how long this stuff has been under the cabinets. When the people were installing them did they gather around the kitchen and say, "Hey Bob, why don't we leave some goodies under the new cab's for someone to find in the future. What do you want to leave? I don't bout these three tennis balls? That sounds good. Hey Bob wouldn't it be funny if we put some beans under there too? HaaHaaaaHaaaAHaa. Too funny Larry that would be such a hoot. I can see the puzzled looks on their faces now. Haaa HaHAaaAHa." OK, I know I digress but how absolutely bizarre is that? I can not even begin to explain the gross factor of the pipes we have been washing our dishes with and drinking water from. I could dry heav just thinking about it. Dean went to get new pipes and plumbing stuff from Home Depot. Guess we will be eating a little fast food tonight (no running water for the next few hours while Dean re plumbs the kitchen). I have to tell you I married a truly amazing Man. He worked all day and then came home and started in on this "little" project. I will keep you posted every day on the progress of our new digs. Despite the gross factor, it's always higher in old homes during remodels, I am super excited about this mess.