Thursday, October 27, 2011

She's Sassy

Bet you couldn't guess that this is my little one who likes to dress up. 

Or that she has a penchant for over accessorizing. 

I can't help but hum Madonna tunes when I look at these photos. I don't know how she does it but she really has her own little style already. Even if she didn't, anything would look good with those smiley eyes. It's going to be interesting to see what the teenage years bring with my sassy little one. Heaven help us!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Almost There

 I thought I'd start this post off with a lovely "before" pic of my ironing board. I bought this when I first moved to Nevada & got my own place. It's almost 8 years old. I've had it longer than 3 of my children. It's been with me longer than my husband. Sweet little Bessie has been a real help all these years (I just made her name up, cause I don't usually name inanimate objects) Let's face it she's pretty worn down & needed a makeover. When I would iron I could feel the metal beneath her thin little cover. It was getting harder & harder to iron. I have so many projects to finish that it was time to get a new cover.

So guess what I found the other night in the discount section at Ross?

Isn't it awesome! I love my new cover! LOVE it! It makes me want to iron everything. It almost makes want to iron my clothes.......nah. 

I got it just in time too because I've been doing an awful lot of ironing the quilt I've been working on. this is my first attempt at improv quilting. I took the most amazing class on improve quilting at the Sewing Summit from Jessica Berret of the blog Urban Patchwork. I had a chance to sit with her in the free motion quilting class by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew & she was just as sweet & friendly as can be. I learned so much from her class & really feel more confident to loosen up when it comes to quilting. Jessica's quilts were amazing! It makes me want to think outside the box when it comes to upcoming quilts that I work on.

I have had so much fun making this section for the back of the scotty dog quilts in the previous post. It is taking soooooo much longer than I thought it would making these quilts. I thought for sure I would have mailed them off already. I hope my sweet friend hasn't given up on me. I am working in every spare moment to finish them up & send them off this week. I need to get these done this week because I have 3 other quilts to make for her. The three other quilting projects are going to be just as fun! (but hopefully won't take me quite so long....sorry about that Elizabeth!)

My thought with these quilts was to give them a very vintage feel on the front & a more modern feel on the back. That way she has two different quilts to choose from when using them in her cabin. The quilts are huge too. They could almost be used on a queen sized bed. She will be using them on two twin sized mattresses. I made them bigger on purpose. Remember the old time bed sets that went all the way to the floor & you could tuck the pillow up underneath the quilt? My great grandmother had quilts like that on her bed. I wanted these to have the same effect.

I'll be sewing up a storm tomorrow & promise to share a few more work in progress photos on Sunday. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scotty Dog Quilt Tops

 Quilt 1

Quilt 2

Say what!?!? Has it really almost been a month since my last post? For shame! I have been keeping busy though. Mostly on these two quilts. Right now I'm working on the backs & should have them finished up by tomorrow night. Then I'll be quilting them with my new Grace Baby Lock! My sweet awesome amazing husband bought me my new machine on the last day of The Sewing Summit. I had planned on putting it on layaway & Dean said go ahead & get it when I asked him. I'm so grateful I have a husband that believes in me & my dreams. He's always so very supportive. I plan on using my Singer for all my basic sewing & my new Grace for the specialty sewing. It can do both but my hope is to extend the life of the machine by alternating between the two. We got a really amazing deal on the Grace. The Baby Lock reps were offering a discount to all Sewing Summit attendants & the price was to good to pass up. I feel like this machine will be perfect for my quilting needs until the time I need a larger quilting machine. Seriously though, that will be years down the road, lol. It's a beauty & every time I look at it since I've returned home I get the giggles!

The Sewing Summit was AMAZING! So amazing that I'll be posting about it in full tomorrow. Right now I'm heading to bed. I need to go snuggle up my sweet amazing awesome & sexy husband (you know the one who bought me that amazing new sewing machine) & get some sleep so I have the energy to get this project wrapped up tomorrow. Hope you all have had a happy weekend!