Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12th Finish

Someone commissioned me to make some burp cloths & this is what I came up with. 

Front of burp cloth made in Amy Butler.

 Soft chenille on the back

Bib made with vintage fabric 

This set I made for a fellow blogger that has a little daughter. She goes to occupational therapy & is learning how to eat because she has been tube fed since birth. I'm hoping she will be able to use these when she goes. They are bright & cheerful & instead of using the cloth as a "burp cloth" I thought she could use it to snuggle or wipe her face when needed.

 This is my 12th finish. I am so excited to be sewing again. I have a whole list of quilt tops to  finish & others to start. I've also been blessed with a steady stream of sewing commissions. All that money has gone into a fund to buy Sloan new glasses. I'll be back tomorrow to share the next finish I'm working on at the moment. Before I go, run on over to An Art Nest & enter to win her lovely bundle of scraps. Or don't, cause I'm kinda hoping that I'm the lucky gal ;)

12 down, 40 to go


Oh little Sloan, where do I begin? There are so many new & exciting things going on in your life right now. You have had your first crush (but you guys are just great friends). You just got your pump. I watch on a daily basis as you try so very hard to be the best you can be despite all the pain you are in. I can tell when things are getting too hard to bare. When that happens you are very hard to be around, but I love you anyway. We've had a lot of great talks lately. You've talked to me about everything from sex, friends, songs, dreams, goals, & the one that weighs on me the most your health. Just this morning you asked why you have so many health problems. You explained how you felt you are the only kid that suffers. I had to calmly explain that there are actually kids that have it far worse than you. In doing so I hope you know that I am in no way disregarding your special circumstances. But you are strong & all these trials will only make you a better person. What you choose to do with this lot you have been given will shape the adult you will one day become.
I love listening to you play the piano. The songs you compose are better than that of some adults. Your talent with music astounds me! I get chills sometimes listening to you sing when you think I'm not. Your voice is that beautiful. You have told me that someday you plan to go to Juilliard. I hope you follow this dream. I'm so grateful you are my daughter & that I get the privilege of watching you grow into the beautiful young lady that you are becoming. I love you sweet girl!


I think the last photos is my favorite. It shows your sweet little hands covered in dirt. You are always covered in dirt. Last night at dinner you told me that you wanted to drag dirt from your shoes through the house just like dad did. I reminded you that I had just mopped & then you proceeded to tell me that is why it would be so funny. I then told you how hilarious it would be when I made you mop all of that dirt up by hand. Aris piped in on how Cinderella had to mop the floors by hand. Then you said how Cinderella had a mean stepmother that made her do those things. I guess I was reminding you of her last night. You have become so interested in learning lately. You are desperate to read just like your friend Toad. You also remind us everyday that you will soon be in Kindergarten. We met your teacher last Friday & you were so shy! We took a look around the class. Out of all the things that you saw in that classroom you talk about the books the most. You are so excited to learn to read & "do your numbers" as you like to call it. This house will feel lonely without you here. Aris will be lost without her "best sissy". One thing that I have noticed lately is how good you are getting at brushing your own hair. It took a few weeks but when you comb your hair now you don't look quite so homeless. You have also become quite the little artist! I can't wait to see where your creativity & imagination take you. As much as I'd love to have you want to tag along while I do things around the house you'd much rather be outside with your dad. He still is after all your "favorite dad". You are still my peacemaker. If someone is sad you try to fix it right away. Your tender little heart melts mine with your awkward hugs (you pat people really hard on the back when hugging. It's quite adorable actually) & sloppy kisses. I love you my litter Mozers. 

A Sister is......

a forever friend.
~author unknown