Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A special day

Aris with Kirstin.

Abby and Sloan "Golfing around".

Abby had an "Around the World" Family Festival tonight at her school. She was desperate to go but only if Sloan could come. Abby wanted to introduce Sloan to all of her friends. So they all ate dinner at the festival and then Kirstin spoiled my Sloan once again, buying her 4 books that she choose from the book fair. They had a buy one get one free sale. Then the girls played until Sloan and I had to leave. We are so blessed to have Kirstin and her parents and little Abby as friends.

I will be posting some pictures of my latest project tomorrow!

Dancing Aris

Little Aris loves music. She will even drum her hands on things when she hears drums or tapping noises in music. Aris will also try to mimic sounds you make. If I make a clicking noise into a tune, she will try to make the clicking noise and follow the same pattern I just made. I am sure there are tons of baby's that can do this, but it still amazes me.


I love it when she claps her tiny, chubby little hands. Only a child could make this activity so fun to watch.