Friday, October 15, 2010

Ever Had One of Those Days?

The culprit

I awoke this morning with a severe kink in my neck. This happens to me several times a year. I should have known it was coming on but didn't give a second thought to the lower back pain I started having late yesterday afternoon. It was the kind of pain that makes it hard for me to walk. When these "fits" come on my whole body feels bruised to the touch. Thankfully they only last for a week or two and then I feel better again. The first few days of pain I have a dull headache & everything is harder to do. I called my friend & asked her if I was still in pain on Monday if her husband could give me an adjustment. He is not only a chiropractor but a nutritionist and allergy specialist. She wondered why I would wait until Monday & told me to come in later that afternoon. I was so relieved. 

My morning just kept getting better (hint of sarcasm here) when Aris locked us all out of the house. That will be the last time I leave my keys in the house while going back to get the baby out of the car. Oh, & I'll be making a spare key to leave with my sweet next door neighbor who was kind enough to hold little Oblio while my other next door neighbor helped me break into my own house. Do you see that sweet little face up there in that picture? She's really a stinker in disguise. How did we finally get in? An unused dog door in our dinning room. It was the perfect size for one small Aris sized person to fit into. Only she started freaking out at the thought of going into such a small door. Me, being the wonderful mom that I am (insert snicker here) shoved her lightly through said door. Screaming and crying and all. I figured she locked us out so she could let us in. Poor thing stood inside for a good 3 minutes screaming for me before she could open the door. I'm pretty sure I should win a mother of the year award for this.

My day did get better though. The adjustment helped tremendously & I am hoping that by Monday I'll be feeling back to normal. He also gave me some vitamin D to help in the healing of my hand. I'm guessing the fact that I'm nursing isn't helping my hand heal any faster. I'm so grateful for his kindness.

Tomorrow brings a day filled with pumpkin patch face painting, zucchini bread baking, painting, & photo taking. I'm hoping to get in some good snuggle time with my best girls & little guy too. What are your plans for this weekend?