Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas photo for 2007. Notice how all the kids are looking in a different direction? That's OK. We have other years to get the "perfect" Christmas card photo. Instead of sending a bunch of late Christmas Cards, this is my tacky attempt to say Merry Christmas to all the many people I love and adore.

Holiday decorations and a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

So here they are! The festive holiday decorations. We got a small tree this year because we are leaving Friday for San Diego. It just didn't make sense to get a huge one this year. We all are so excited to go down to San Diego. I will miss all my family in Florida so much, and Isaac, James, Grandma Sloan and all my relatives in Canada, David and Roberta and the girls in California, and Grandma Carol and Grandpa Tom in Montana. I will also miss my best friend Kayla in New York. I really hope everyone is having a fun time getting ready for the holidays.

Side-ways Merry Christmas

Sorry guys, this video is sideways. I am still uploading it anyway so that you can here little Zoe talking. I know the videos are a bit choppy but this is as good as it gets untill I get my video camera working.

The Toothless Wonder

Little Sloan's tooth was barely hanging on. So I helped her out a little and it came out. She wasn't to happy about it.