Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art as Quilts: Mini Quilt Inspired by The art of Bryn Perrott

Have you seen the wonderful artwork of Bryn Perrott? If not you should take a look. Her work is awesome & I'm quite smitten with all of it. So it seemed only fitting that I made one of her pieces into a quilt. This is my first "art as quilts" finish for the year.

I chose Russian Arms as the inspiration for this little mini quilt. My main goal with this mini was to work on my embroidery skills.

It took me the better part of a day to finish this. My fingers are still a little sore though. I usually hand bind my quilts but ran out of time & ended up machine binding it instead. It was so easy & looked so good it'll be awful tempting to bind this way in the future. I posted this picture on Instagram & Bryn gave a shout out on how awesome she thought it was. The ultimate compliment!!! This will be hanging in Neverender until the end of the month & then I'll be sending to my friend Shawn at the end of the month.