Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't you wish your sisters were hot like mine (to be sung to the tune of that one song)

I have to say that my two little sisters are the hottiest hotties around! It is too bad that I got hit with the ugly stick when I was but a small girl. I think I got the mutant genes when it came to the reproductive gene pool. Mom and Dad, are you sure I'm not adopted? I have never ever been able to pull off the I am cutie look, but you two come by it naturally. I love you both sooooooo much!

P.S. Where are the drawings you promised me? I am waiting, and waiting, and

Just a moment.....

Just a quick post before I get to work. Today nothing exciting happened. I am however going to sew. I have an idea for the blankets I am making for the girls. Off to create. goodbye for now.