Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back!

So glad to be home after a 9 hour drive. So sad to leave Family and beautiful San Diego. So sad to leave my sweetie behind. Dean's job there is taking longer than was first expected. I knew this was going to happen. It always does when it comes to remodels. The bad news is Dean won't be home until Friday, then he has to leave again Monday morning to go back down to finish up the project. The good news is he has had work non stop since he stopped working for his boss. We are very blessed.

Thanksgiving was a blast. The whole week was filled with family time, domino's, tons of tasty food and a few movies to boot. I was even able to buy myself some clothes with the generous mall gift card I received while I was at the Ellen show. $150 worth of clothing is like manna from heaven for us right now. The girls and I were totally spoiled the whole time we were down there. I can't wait to post some pictures in the next day or so. I even have pictures of the amazing outdoor BBQ that Dean built for his folks the last time we were down for a visit. 

I have a feeling that Dean will be working more and more in the San Diego area. Their are so many friends and family down there that have been lining up stuff for him to do if he wants. The idea of moving closer to family and lots of work is very tempting. There are a ton of things that would have to happen before we moved there, like winning the lottery (LOL) For now it's just a maybe. A maybe that will be considered with a lot of prayer. For now I will hold down the fort, and give lots of moral support to my hard working hubby. I know these days away from home are just as hard for him as they are for me and the girls.

Last but not least. I worked on some new stuff during the holiday. The cutie bugs should be done before this weekend along with a cute little lovebird couple. I am hoping to add them to the shop this Friday. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I missed popping in to see all of the fun and exciting things you are all working on. I can't wait to catch up on what you all have been up to. Take care!