Thursday, April 10, 2008

Popcorn Friday!

The sea-saw that the girls made out of Deans pile of scrap wood. I think Abby was the brain behind this one.

Oh my sweet little girls. How fun to have a sister.

Abby and Penny. Aren't they cuties?

Clair holding Aris. She was watching us from the window of the back door.

I got my stroller!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoe couldn't wait to take it for a test run. As soon as my little munchkin is feeling better I am going to start our early morning walks at the Marina. I am sad that I have to cancel Popcorn Friday this week. I don't want to risk getting everyone sick. Zoe' temp is up to 102.2 and she is shivering and coughing. Very yucky stuff. I am so very sorry that it has taken me almost a whole week to post these pictures. I will post the remainder in the AM if all goes well with my little Zoe. Sometimes I feel as if I have the best intentions to get things done, at a certain time, or a certain way. My kids don't always have the same agenda as I do, and that is OK. I just have to do things when the time allows.


Zoe is a daddy's girl. I love these photo's. They have a very special relationship and I am so grateful that Dean is such a wonderful father