Friday, May 29, 2009

Life According to Aris

I've been meaning to do this for awhile. For some reason I always find myself getting busy with some other thing. I am bound and determined to start documenting Aris and her booster fixation. If I told you how many times I come to her chair to put her in it for lunch or dinner & she has one of her toys strapped in, well you wouldn't believe me. It's one of those things she does that I find so adorable. Usually I find barbies and tiny skipper dolls buckled up safe and sound. Sometimes the occasional doll. Yesterday it was Pooh. It just kind of cracks me up. Sloan thinks it's funny too. I think it would be fun to make a little scrapbook of all these pictures for her to play with. Sorry for grime, I didn't realize just how gross those straps were until I posted this picture. Guess it's time for her booster to take a little soak in the sink.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend. We are heading to Sacramento tomorrow for the day to attend Hangtown with the girls. Zoe can hardly wait to see all the "ridercycles". Sloan is excited too, but most;y to do something as a family. I will take lots of pictures. 

The other project I am finishing up this weekend aside from all the kids room remodel is another card for this wonderful site. All of the cards that I am producing for Simply Sweet Marriage are free! Yes you can download them for free, in your home, and give them to that special someone in your life. I'll post a link next week when the next card is up. 

Have a super fun weekend!