Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Little Photography & Afternoon Snuggles


Stinkin' cute boots

Seriously can't wait to see this movie

I thought I would share some of my little sister's photography with you. Cristin has such talent. I don't think she realizes it yet. I am encouraging her to follow this talent as she is taking classes in school. I love the way she looks at the world. These are a few of her photos from her recent trip to Boston. She was able to stay with her dear friend Aspen from school, and I guess as an added bonus she was able to see her sweetheart Chris while she was there. I can't wait to hear all about the trip.

I am off to snuggle up with my sweet little Zoe. It has become somewhat of a ritual lately. I put Aris to bed in the girls room. Then Zoe asks to sleep in my bed. How can I resist? I clean up the morning mess and lay down with my little snuggle buddy. All toasty like under the covers. It's especially nice on days like today. The sky has been grey and moody since I woke up this morning. Days like today make nap time even more enjoyable. Tonight Sloan and I will go to the diabetes support group. After that I will be sewing my little heart out. Can't wait to show you the finished dresses.