Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On My Work Table

I've been working on this little illustration for the last two nights. It's almost finished & I hope to share it with you tomorrow. It's the last card for Simply Sweet Marriage. I really wanted this card to look like something you would find in your grandmothers trunk amongst old papers and photos. It will say "Happy Anniversary" when finished. I like how it's turning out.

A month or two ago I found this vintage Star Wars sheet. I almost passed it up but knew if I did I'd kick myself for not buying it. So I forked out the $1.75, steep, I know ;) & brought it home. I figured I'd find something to do with it eventually.

Boy did I ever! I can't even tell you how excited I am to finally have an excuse to buy Star Wars things now that I have a little boy. I decided to make him his very own Star Wars quilt. Shouldn't every little boy have one? I purchased the gold fabric at Joanns, the funky retro pattern from an online store that was going out of business, & the very last print from an amazing local quilting store. I also purchased a grey solid fabric that I will be using also but it's not pictured. The fabric will be used on the front of the quilt & the sheet will become the backing for the quilt. 

This is what I have in mind for the front. I've never tried a quilt like this before. I want it to have that chevron pattern look. I think it will fit very well with the vintage look of the sheet. I am pretty much learning to quilt as I go. I kinda guess at how things work when it comes to quilting. I look at the pattern of a quilt as I do art. Then I dissect what I see & try to figure out how it works. What I have guessed is that I should probably sew the strips in a row & then cut them at the angle I need. I could be wrong but I really am hoping that this is actually how it's all done. It could prove to be a very disastrous quilting mess. We shall see.

Speaking of disastrous messes........Someone needs to clean their art area. In my defense, once that pile of fabric finds a home it won't look quite so horrible, right? Right? (insert nervous giggle here)